How To Lose Ten Pounds In Less Than Two weeks Starting Today The Easy Way

This is a exercise routine that does not require any dieting
, but we do ask that while on this routine you do not increase your eating habits unless for the better. This is a step by step workout plan that will take off those extra few pounds, ten to be exact in ten days as long as you stick to it daily. And as always while on this program be sure to get at least six to eight hours of sleep nightly.
Day 1 through Day 10 is doing the same routine daily with no days off. Be sure to take a one minute break after each exercise.No more than one minute.
1) Two minutes of running up and down a flight of stairs non stop, one minute break afterwards.
2) Two minutes of jumping jacks.
3) One minute of push ups, stop and go if you must.
4) Repeat number one.
5) Two minutes of standing curls using one to three pounds of weights, or one phone book in each hand.
6) Two minutes of jogging in place.
7) One minute of situps.
8) Repeat number one.
9) Three minutes of running in place.
10) Repeat number Two.
for even better results you may want to try starting in a different place everyday, while still completing the entire workoutlike try starting at number 3 for two days, and number five for two days, then going back to one after doing number ten.
This routine is really for those that are not used to working out or have taken off from working out for quite some time.
Lucky, you do not need an Olypmic lifting coach to be able to get the physique you always knew you should have. These are some of the best exercises, and dirty little secrets about the perfect physique that you have never heard of. There are always more to be learned.