Tips For Perfecting Your Biceps Training Routine

By: Dane Fletcher

Getting biceps that are too big for your body is a problem that many men would be happy to live with all their lives. In fact, the problem is something that they take pride in. It makes them look more macho and attractive. Arm routines have come to dominate many body building programs for this single reason.
The arm routine basically involves a single repetition while one chin is up, which is followed by standing biceps that curl with a barbell. After this you need to rest for one minute. Then what follows is a single repetition that is a dip, which is soon followed by standing triceps movements which make use of one dumbbell.
This seems very simple in the first place. You have to familiarize yourself with what it involves. Make sure that you can do what it requires you to do without having to search around the walls for the manual. Make sure that it becomes a part of you. When you do the right thing with this routine, you will find yourself activating all the muscles within a very short period of time. You wont even notice that you a making such a significant progress until you look at yourself in the mirror.

Doing one repetition when the chin is up is a very easy thing to do. When put this way, the routine seems to be making more sense than when few words are used. Let your legs swing and let gravity assist in this swinging. The typical bodybuilder does not need these instructions. They are self explanatory. Make sure that 60 seconds are spent while you are up and 60 seconds are spent while you are down.
Standing biceps with curls should be done in the same way just as it sounds. Once you are done with the chin up, you need to do a barbell for 8 complete reps. You have to keep in mind that you are using different weights when doing curls. Any person who can do 8 reps on a weight of 100 lbs is an above average performer and should be on his to way triceps and biceps that are bigger in proportion to other parts of the body.
Having done this, you need to take a rest of one minute. And repeat the same process for your triceps. In the single repetition dip approach, you have to begin from the rock bottom before moving on to move yourself up until you have the weight of your body in control. If your body weight is fine, you don’t need any weights. Immediately you are through with exercise, go to the next one. This should be the standing triceps extension. Do a dumbbell routine of strictly 8 reps while you are standing in an extended repetition. If you are normally OK with 80 to 100lbs, you have to choose weights that are about 50lbs. With such a routine, you will find it very difficult to avoid success on your triceps and biceps.