Building Big Muscle- 3 Main Areas Skinny People Should Focus On

Greg Kovacs

It is not surprising if you are a skinny guy and you are struggling in building big muscle quickly. You may have been trying as hard as you can to build muscle strength and size for a while now and have not made much progress,

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is because of your genetics. Your natural build is skinny and you have a high metabolism so it will be difficult for you to put on weight and muscle but not impossible(you just have to work harder and smarter!). The second reason is that whatever you are doing is not the right way to go about building big muscle fast for skinny guys.

Since your metabolism is fast you need to follow a muscle building routine that is designed for those who have high metabolism. That is the only truly effective way to build muscle strength and size fast for people with skinny or slender builds. Below are 3 main areas a muscle building regimen for skinny guys should draw focus on.

1) Diet and Nutrition- Key for Building Big Muscle for Skinny People

The proper diet and nutrition is without a doubt the most important area of focus for building big muscle size when you are skinny. Your genetic build allows your metabolism to work at a very rapid pace and this prevents you from gaining weight quickly. So firstly, you need to combat this by eating several meals a day not just 3 but 5 or 6 meals. Secondly, the quality of foods you eat must be rich in the 4 major foods which are Protein, Carbs, Fats and or course Vegetables. Thirdly, you must eat these foods in the proper ratios and you must monitor how much of each you consume per day. If you are following a good quality muscle building program, it should educate you on what ratios you should eat these foods.

Increase your calorie intake to at least 3,500 calories per day, and split over 6 meals. Generally it is good to eat 6 meals a day taking in about 3000-3500 calories a day. Building big muscle is a process that requires a constant feeding of of nutrients, proteins, carbs and fats to beat the rate of your quick metabolism. I talk to many people in the gym who just workout and do not care what or how often they eat and they wonder why they get poor results. If you dismiss the importance of dieting you will struggles and building big muscle size will be a slow arduous process for you. So make sure you eat eat and eat quality foods.

2) The Muscle Building Workouts for Skinny Builds- Do the right kind or workouts designed for building big muscle rapidly

Pay close attention to what I am about to say. You must follow a quality muscle building workout routine three to four sessions weekly. I cannot stress this enough. I see people stroll in the gym every once in a while and they just do random workouts that they see people doing without any plan or structure. Just complete pandemonium in the weight room. Additionally, your muscle building guide should include workouts that are specifically designed for skinny people for the best muscle building results. This means heavy lifting workouts.

The workouts that you do need to have a progressive increase of weight and for each set you must lift until you cannot lift anymore. This technique is used to tire out your muscle gradually so that you are breaking down your muscles intensely. This technique is the way skinny people should be building big muscle.

Without progressive weight lifting you will see some increase in muscle strength and size and then you will see that you stay at the same level and you wont get any further.

3) Multiple-Muscle Group Exercises

Your weight training routine should be focused around a core group of compound exercises rather than isolation exercises. The muscle building workout plan you follow must concentrate on exercises that use multiple muscle groups at once as opposed to just one. Multiple-Muscle group exercises or better known as compound exercises are workouts such as dead-lifts, squats and full body workouts.

These are the 3 main areas skinny guys need to focus on for building big muscle size and strength. Muscle building can be kind of intimidating and confusing for beginners. Also many people take this advice but end up falling off track through out the whole muscle building process. The best way to learn how to apply these 3 areas effectively and avoid the common mistakes many skinny people make is to follow a muscle building guide or program designed for skinny people. This will ensure that you do everything effectively so you can go from skinny to muscle bound as quickly as possible. Hope you found this useful. Good Luck with everything. You Can Do It.

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